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What’s up with WordPress MU stylesheets? November 27, 2005

Posted by bsdguru in WordPress, WordPress MU.
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Been spending way too much time trying to track down an annoying misfeature? of WordPress MU which is resetting the stylesheet on the blog 1 (http://yourdomain.name/).

For example the stylesheet and template is currently set to ‘home’ for the umpteenth time. Go and register a new webblog and magically somewhere in the background your theme is changed to ‘default’. Enabling the query caching function in the wpdb class I can’t seem to see anything changing those two parameters.

The wordpress MU trac instance is not allowing me to create any tickets hence I created one on my WordPress MU trac instance.


WordPress MU second-look November 25, 2005

Posted by bsdguru in WordPress, WordPress MU.
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My reinstallation of WordPress MU went along smoothly. I then imported WordPress MU into subversion, prior to starting to tinker with the WordPress MU source code.